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Stat Boost: Art Objects from Jungle Goodies!

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For the past few weeks I’ve been working on a book called Jungle Goodies with Matt Sanders of Dwarves in a Trenchcoat (who you may remember from his guest post back in June). What started out as a simple book of trinkets to tie in to Tomb of Annihilation has evolved into a whole host of strange and wonderful random tables. I’m really proud of it, and I can’t wait to release it this week.

In fact, I really can’t wait, so today you’re getting a sneak peak of the first table in the book – art objects!

1d8 Value This…
1 25 GP …figurine is carved from malachite, and depicts a hydra. Two of its heads had been broken off and are nowhere to be seen.
2 25 GP …silver belt buckle would be perfectly unremarkable if the prong and bar weren’t made from the bones of a human finger.
3 250 GP …delicate ceramic vase is inlaid with bones and studs of amber containing ancient insects.
4 250 GP …oil painting is framed in brass and depicts a pair of howler monkeys wearing helmets and wielding jagged obsidian swords.
5 750 GP …beautiful circlet is made from dragonbone that has somehow been twisted into a Mobius strip and inlaid with mithril.
6 750 GP …rough crystal figurine depicts a naga. Its eyes are tiny uncut emeralds.
7 2,500 GP …tapestry is 30’ long, and depicts a volcanic eruption and the subsequent efforts to stem the tide of lava that were ultimately fruitless.
8 2,500 GP …glass jewelry box gives off a faint magical aura. When something is placed inside it, the glass fogs up so that the box’s contents cannot be seen.

This obviously isn’t the full thing. Jungle Goodies contains 15 tables of trinkets, people, places, and weird stuff to drop into your games – whether your players are fighting their way through Chult or not.

It releases on DMs Guild on Thursday 19th October, and you’re going to love it.

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