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Stat Boost – Combat Tracker

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Earlier this week somebody on Twtter asked about ways to make tracking combat easier, and I offered to share the spreadsheet I built to do just that. Then I actually looked at my spreadsheet, and realised it isn’t really usable for anybody except me and that I’d have to do some work to make it presentable and easy to print (the person I was talking to said that they don’t like using digital aids, which I sympathise with – I prefer to have paper copies of everything I use at the table).

Rather than doing that, I instead designed a printable tracker based on the information I use in combat most often. Generally, what I want to have close to hand – besides initiative order – is information about AC, hit points (both max and the current value), any status effects currently in place on each creature (along with whether the creature is allowed a Save, the DC of that Save, and how long they have been active), and information about death saving throws. That’s it.

I don’t generally use monster stat blocks – instead I scan the pages I want to use from the Monster Manual and print them out, keeping them clipped to my notes and tracker for each encounter – but I’ve also made a sheet that includes stat blocks, should you want it.

I intend to make this PDF form fillable at some point, but for now this is purely a printable resource. Let me know what you think, and whether it’s missing something you rely on – this is tailored to my own play style, after all. If there’s enough demand for something extra I may well produce a different version in future.

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