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Stat Boost – Pre-Gens – Barris Adquinal

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I had an idea for a new semi-regular post earlier in the week that may well turn out to be a lot more work than I anticipated. By the time I realised that, though, I was a few hours deep into working on it, at which point it seemed a shame not to run with it. So here it is.

This is the first post in a new addition to Stat Boost – pre-generated characters, built with interesting roleplaying rather than min-maxed stats in mind, with character sheets for every level from 1st to 20th. It’s intended to be used when you need a character for a one-shot and don’t have time to create one, but you could just as easily run this character through a campaign and save yourself having to make any decisions when levelling up. I don’t know why you’d want to do that, but it’s certainly possible.

This character was built for roleplaying. What that means is that it’s not necessarily built with ‘optimisation’, or ‘power’, or ‘min-maxing’ in mind. One example of this is that even though Barris is a Warlock, he never takes any invocations that increase the potency of his eldritch blast. I’ve tried to build a character, not a set of numbers. You get to decide whether it was worth doing or not.

With that out of the way, let’s get down to it.

Introducing Barris Adquinal…

[Portrait by Matthew Wilson]

A wood elf born to parents deeply ensconced within the clergy of Corellon [or whatever god is suitable to your campaign], Barris was raised in a world that ran deep with religion. His birthright, his destiny, was to follow in his parents’ footsteps, joining the priesthood and dedicating his life to worship. Unfortunately he never felt the call that seemed to possess his family and his peers, and once he was of age and no longer bound to follow the rule of his parents he left his home for good, drawn out into the world in search of a deeper truth that he was sure he would discover once he removed himself from the trapping of his old life.

He spent years – decades – living in isolation, taking to the remote, eldritch parts of the deep forests and eschewing all contact with civilisation. He meditated, he prayed to any god that would listen, he immersed himself in memories of the education he had received, hoping for even a glimpse of the answers he sought. But for years, nothing came.

Then, on a seemingly inauspicious day, he stumbled across an ancient shrine deep within the forest. There he learned of an ancient, forgotten god, a deity so old that not even the current gods knew of its existence. By all rights it should be dead, but in the ruins of the shrine he found a reliquary that contained a fragment of the deity’s power. That night the god spoke to him in his dreams, bidding Barris to rejoin society as its champion, and spread the true faith once more. In exchange he would be rewarded with knowledge beyond his wildest dreams. He took up this mantle with relish, and has been a champion of the true faith ever since.

By all appearances, Barris is a cleric of a long-dead god that nobody else will have heard of – so forgotten is this god that even its name isn’t known, to Barris or to anyone else.

In reality, the ‘god’ that spoke to Barris is a powerful fey creature who decided to have some fun with the desperate, starving elf who stumbled into the shrine. Barris had sought this kind of revelation for so long that he swallowed the story whole-cloth, and though he may one day learn the truth, it’s not in his nature to question what he has learned – especially as the powers his new deity grants him are very much real.

In D&D terms Barris is a Warlock whose patron is the Arch-Fey, but he fully believes that he is a Cleric and that his magic is divinely granted.

You can download his character sheets – for every level from 1 to 20 – here. There’s also a sort of ‘changelog’ in there, which acts as a quick overview of the options Barris took at each level, along with an explanation of how I’ve treated wealth and equipment.

The art for this post was kindly provided by Matthew Wilson. You can find him on the web at mad-matt.com, or on Twitter as @mattwandcow.

Let me know what you think of this, and whether you’d like to see more of these in future.

While I was writing this post, Trinkets became a Silver Bestseller over at DMs Guild. I’m really happy to see such a positive response to it, and I’m really grateful to everybody who’s supported me by buying a copy. Thanks a lot!

5 thoughts on “Stat Boost – Pre-Gens – Barris Adquinal

  1. Looks good! Although I was a little surprised it ended up Arch-Fey, instead of Great Old One. If you had mentioned it was archfey, I would have done… something different to the design.

    This is a cool concept. I can’t see myself using it too often, at least not for myself. If I needed a quick character for an ill prepared friend, this would be handy. But, for us DMs, it would be cool if you included a Monster Stat block to let DMs use him as a quick NPC. As we talked about, this guy has a cool story and you could base an entire questline around him

    1. Honestly I don’t think I’ve got it in me to build stat blocks for every CR along with character sheets! I already provide a lot of DM-specific resources so the intention was to do something with more of a player focus as well.

      No worries about the design – I really like him and you weren’t to know! Thanks again 😀

      1. Oh, I wouldn’t do it for every CR. I’d take something like the Acolyte from the MM and jazz it up. Or pick a level where Barris feels mostly complete, where he has his core character settled and generate that one. Maybe level 6 or so? I dunno

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