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Stat Boost: Some books and their contents

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I started writing quite a long article for this week, but it’s 1am, that post still isn’t finished, and I have to be up for work in 6 hours. That means I’m falling back on my favourite kind of thing to write – tables of random stuff.

This time, though, I’m doing something a bit different (for me, at least). Rather than a list of random books – because this post is about books,  by the way – I’m instead giving you two books, and a small sample of their table of contents. The first is a spellbook containing some new spells. The second is a bestiary with some new monsters.

I haven’t actually statted up any of the spells or monsters yet. I’m going to try and write up some of them for a post in the next couple of weeks, because I love having an excuse to build new monsters. In the meantime, I’d love to hear what you think some of these things might do.

Ironstride’s Compendium of Jinxes and Hexes

The faded pages of this thick tome are lined with faint white triangles and esoteric marks. The bulk of the work is a history of what the author calls “antagonistic magic”, along with brief biographies of some particularly noteworthy hexers. The smaller second section contains the following spells:

  • Astral Absorption
  • Astral Assimilation
  • Elderton’s Debilitating Memory
  • Solitude
  • Temporal Possession
  • Waite’s Enfeebling Sigil


A Bestiary of the Blasted Lands

This dog-eared folio is wrapped in a strange red hide. It contains unbound pages of thick vellum inked with labelled anatomical diagrams of weird creatures, annotated in thin, spindly handwriting. Some of the creatures detailed include:

  • Cacanid
  • Coffinhound
  • Embersnake
  • Flowering Mound
  • Spine Golem
  • Vulgore

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