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Stat Boost: Trinkets Too

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I don’t need a long introduction for this, do I? You all know by now how much I love trinkets.

I set out to write another 1d10 table of trinkets for today’s post, and ended up completing another 1d100 chart. That’s now available on DMs Guild for $0.99 as a follow-up to my first trinkets collection, which is now a Silver Bestseller. Still, I can’t just post a link to a DMs Guild product here, can I? That would be tacky as hell. So here’s the 1d10 list that started this project.

1d10 Trinkets
1 A glass rose. A single drop of blood is contained in the middle of the flower.
2 A small, blunt glaive with a bearing in the middle. When the bearing is pinched between your fingers and the glaive spun around it, it will continue almost endlessly.
3 A sack of harpy feathers.
4 A letter from a dead soldier, addressed to his lover.
5 A horse bone carving of a flower, missing one petal.
6 The seed of a horse chestnut tree, varnished to a high shine and attached to a length of string. It can never be broken.
7 A halfling’s skull. A circular section of the top of the head has been removed.
8 A mummified goblin head.
9 A single brass acorn.
10 A set of ivory false teeth.

If you want another 90 of these… well, you know what to do, don’t you? Go grab a copy of Trinkets Too, of course.

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