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#TavernTables – Characters for Carousing

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Early yesterday afternoon a few people started throwing out tweets of unusual characters who might be found in the various taverns that populate our fantasy worlds, all collected under the tag #TavernTables. I thought it was really fun and inspiring, so I reached out to the people who had been tweeting those scenarios and we decided to gather some of them together into a free PDF.

It’s not just a regurgitation of tweets you’ve already seen, either. I went ahead and mapped out a tavern for these people to be encountered in. Today I’m bringing you that map, and a table of 6 new tavern folk that you won’t find in Tavern Tables.

1d6 What’s Going On?
1  A shifty-looking dwarf sits with his back to the wall, only his beard visible from beneath his thick robes. He can be heard muttering strange words to himself, and every now and then something in his beard twitches.
2 A gnome stands on the bar clutching a birds’ nest full of eggs. He seems genuinely confused that the barkeep won’t accept them as payment for the large round he just ordered.
3 A group of horses are hitched to a rail outside the tavern. a centaur is leaning out of the open window from inside, seemingly deep in conversation with them.
4 A glowering young half-elf stands beside the entrance, demanding people hand over their weapons before coming in to the tavern. He exchanges them for small slips of parchment bearing numbers, which he tears from a book that seems to contain nothing but these slips. He is currently arguing with a tiefling woman that the blades strapped to her tail definitely count as weapons”.
5 A group of dwarves clearly hit it too hard early in the day, and passed out by the fire. Now the tavern is busy, and patrons have begun using the snoring dwarves as impromptu seating.
6 The table of small hooded figures at the back of the room look suspiciously like kobolds. They don’t appear to be causing any trouble, though, and they can occasionally be heard giggling to one another as they sip whisky and surreptitiously take drags on a cigarette of some strange, pungent leaf.

Tavern Tables was a ton of fun to put together, and contains tables written by some awesome people – folks like Trash Mob Minis, David Okum, Kev’s Lounge, and more. We all know by now how much I love paper miniatures, so it was a pleasure to get to work with some of my favourite creators to bring this to life.

Tavern Tables is out now on the DMs Guild, and it’s completely free. I hope you enjoy it, and you can join in on the fun yourself by tweeting your own tavern dwellers and tagging your tweets with #TavernTables. Have fun!

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