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The College of Cadence is out now!

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The latest release in the Shadepoint Cycle is out now!

Deep in the mines of Shadepoint, workers toil without light, space, or fresh air, labouring under the constant threat of collapse from above – or lurking horrors from below. Fortunately the bards of the College of Cadence are there to lift morale – and the visit swift justice upon the many-fanged threats from the deeps of the earth.

The College of Cadence is a new bard college designed to be used with the 5th edition of the world’s most popular roleplaying game. It is designed to be used with the free supplement Cities: Shadepoint but is not dependant on that setting, and will work easily in any traditional fantasy campaign.

Inside this download you will find:

  • A balanced bard college – the College of Cadence.
  • Three new characters backgrounds – The Advisor, the Miner, and the Treasure Hunter.
  • Three pregenerated characters, presented on gorgeous sheets designed by Emmet Byrne.
  • A brief history of the College of Cadence, designed to make it easy to introduce this new kind of bard to your games.
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