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The Tomb of the Sun

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Not a gaming map this time, but a side elevation of the buried tomb that serves as the location for the novel I’m currently writing.

An ancient pyramid that served as the final resting place of the Sun God, the Tomb of the Sun was buried by the sands of the desert centuries ago. The God’s riches and weapons are encased within the rooms of the pyramid, protected by magical traps and guardians that the Sun must traverse in his death in order to return to life.


The Sun’s Tomb

The bottom chamber is a large, ornately decorated room that stores offerings made to the Sun on his entombment along with his physical body. Upon his resurrection his body will return to life and begin its journey through the tests of the pyramid before regaining his Soul Jar in the Chamber of the Gods.

The rooms on either side of the Sun’s Tomb chamber contain more riches and offerings, as well as the bodies of those sacrificed to serve the Sun in his death. The elevator that bears up the altar bearing the Sun Jar is inaccessible from this room when raised, though the shaft is visible as it opens directly in to the roof of this chamber.

The Labyrinth

This floor is dedicated entirely to an enormous Labyrinth that the Sun must traverse, seeking the stairs at the centre that will take him to the next level.

The ‘centre’ of the maze is not in the centre of the floor, as the shaft bearing the elevator rises through this room. It is walled off entirely. There is another walled-off section that contains the shaft below the Clockwork Web.

The Banquet Hall

A giant banquet hall that contains a large table decked out with a feast fit for the gods. The food is magically preserved but contains a poison deadly to mortals. This serves both as the first meal for the newly risen god and, more practically, a trap for unwary thieves.

The King’s Chamber

The King’s Chamber sits directly above the banquet hall, and contains the haptic jars belonging to the dead god. He will need the contents of these jars to complete his body before he can retake his Soul Jar.

The Clockwork Web

To the east of the banquet hall lies a large cavern carved in to the structure of the pyramid. A large shaft falls away to a naturally-occurring lake beneath the pyramid. To cross the cavern the god must traverse a giant web constructed of fine chains, and fend off the spider-like clockwork guardians that lurk above it.

The Menagerie

The final challenge room of the pyramid, this chamber contains the petrified remains of the god’s menagerie. Magical beasts of all kinds are entombed here – manticora, wyverns, giant scorpions, and the like – and will wake if any light touches them.

The Shrine

A simple shrine in which the Sun must purify himself before regaining his soul.

The Chamber of the Gods

The top chamber contains the Sun’s Soul Jar, placed atop its altar and raised to the room by a giant mechanical elevator that lifts up through a shaft in the centre of the pyramid from the large chamber at the base. On regaining the Soul Jar the Sun will open the giant doors that form the roof of the Chamber of the Gods and ascend back to the world of the living to rule once more. In the novel the characters break in to the tomb through the roof of the pyramid that now sits level with the sands of the desert, entering directly into the Chamber of the Gods before the elevator collapses and sends them plummeting into the depths of the tomb

The walls of the pyramid are filled with pipes filled with water and oil. A feature not shown on this map is the extensive mechanism that also runs through the outer walls that utilises the energy of the underground river to circulate lubricating oil to the various clockwork devices throughout the pyramid, including the intricate locking system that seals the roof/doors.

At some point I’ll have to draw a more useful top-down map of the pyramid. Before I do that though I should probably finish writing the damn novel.

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