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May 2017, in case you haven’t noticed, is a month with 5 Wednesdays in it. That means an extra week between my Best Of DMs Guild posts. Just as I was looking for something to fill the gap with, M.T. Black came along and collated a list of the 50 highest rated adventures on the DMs Guild.

I don’t often review adventures on this site because I don’t often get a chance to run adventures that I haven’t written myself. That means that my Best Ofs are fairly lacking in these kinds of products, and a lot of the titles found on this list have never been featured on this site. To address that, here are the top 20 highest rated DMs Guild adventures. You can see the rest of the list that M.T. Black collated – a full 50 adventures – here. If you like the sound of any of these adventures, the ‘View More’ buttons will take you to each product’s DMs Guild page.

And if all that’s not enough for you, yesterday saw the release of a great collection of some lesser-known adventures that was put together by Glen Cooper (the man behind Deadly Dungeon Doors). Glen was kind enough to let me see the collection before it went live on DMs Guild, and it’s a fantastic product. He’s also written another guest post for me, which will be going live later today.

For the clearest description of what this is, it’s probably best to turn to the description from the product listing:

This is a collection of 9 incredible Dungeons & Dragons adventures and 3 supplements at an outstanding price! This product will be only available for a limited time and has been reduced by 70% from their original prices.

In total these adventures have 14 authors and have been reviewed 78 times with an average rating of 4.8! Together they represent over 60 hours of game time and 296 pages of exciting content.

What that doesn’t tell you is that Glen has also written an over-arching story that ties all of these adventures together into an Adventure Path-style campaign set in the Moonshaes. It’s an impressive piece of work that’s also shining a light on some forgotten gems from the depths of the DMs Guild, and I really hope we see more projects like this on the DMs Guild in future! You can find out more about it here.

And hell, while we’re talking adventures, why not have one more? I was recently commissioned to produce some maps for PB Publishing’s new adventure Struggle In Three Horn Valley.

Although I haven’t actually run the adventure myself I obviously had to read it to produce the maps, and I’m confident in saying that this will be a ton of fun for groups to play through. There’s a very strong element of surviving against the odds, some really cool set piece encounters that will be very memorable, and there are pirates. And dinosaurs. And pirates riding dinosaurs. Really, there’s a lot to love – but since I’m biased, I encourage you to check out this review by The Kind GM. If you’re interested, you can find out more about the adventure here.

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