Loot From A Sea Monster’s Lair

  1. The carved wooden figurehead from the prow of a ship – a woman with long flowing hair and the tail of a fish. She clutches a wicked spear and points off to the horizon. The sea-monster has placed her gently in a deep crack between two rocks, where she watches over the entrance to the lair.
  2. A circular mine, studded with rusted iron spikes and wrapped in chains.
  3. The beacon room of a lighthouse, placed carefully over a deep rock pool like a makeshift dome. An octopus lives in the pool, presumably kept as a pet by the sea-monster.
  4. A collection of hooks mounted on severed wrists. Some are very old, the wrists little more than bones and rags, but some still ooze congealed blood. Inspecting them reveals that the older ones have been removed much more violently than the newer ones. Practice, it seems, makes perfect.
  5. The beak of a giant squid daubed with incoherent symbols painted in its own ink.
  6. A makeshift mirror, a riot of shards and fragments of glass, pieced together from a thousand stolen spyglass lenses.
  7. A collection of nautical charts, crudely stuck together in the spots where they overlap. They’ve been written on in ink and blood and marrow, in illegible words formed from an alien alphabet.
  8. Hundreds of femurs, held in an ancient net. They’ve been broken to different lengths, smoothed and sharpened, and painted with unique symbols. Beside them on the ground, an ink circle divided into seventeen segments each bearing symbols of their own. Some of the bones have been cast into the circle.

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