1. Cameron LaRue
    April 1, 2017 @ 3:21 am

    This is the second adventure recap I’ve read (of yours) and once again- what a nice write up. I feel like I’m following along with the group and anything could happen. Thanks for posting these!


    • loottheroom
      April 2, 2017 @ 5:34 pm

      Thanks so much! I’m really glad you’re enjoying them. They’re a lot of fun to write, so there’s definitely a lot more to come.


  2. Friday Fight Night – The Giant’s Castle – Loot The Room
    April 8, 2017 @ 8:06 pm

    […] We left the party camped out in Thorak’s instant fortress, half a mile or so from the enormous castle that dominated the valley the party found themselves in. […]


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