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  1. Friday Fight Night – Of Mice and Half-Orcs – Loot The Room
    January 21, 2017 @ 4:42 am

    […] With the spectator dead, the group made sure the doors were fortified and guarded (by Nanook) and availed themselves of a short rest. They spent some time searching the room, too, but there was little to be found in the way of loot – with the exception of an old sheet of paper clutched in the dead hands of one of the temple’s masters. It appeared to be a map of some sort – and, in a surprise twist, it was marked with a large black ‘X’ and the word ‘treasure’. But it seemed to point to a place far to the north, in the harsh desert that they had heard about but never visited. It was certainly worth checking out, they decided, but they didn’t know if they should go immediately. Then, with nothing else to do and seemingly no more loot to be had in the Temple of Leaves, they returned to the surface and started to travel back to town. […]


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