Monday Map – The Golden Lute

A while ago I posted a short survey on Twitter (which you can still take, if you’d like to) asking about a new set of PDFs I was planning to release revolving entirely around taverns. I’ve been quietly working on them for a while now, and should have the first one out in the next couple of months. For now, though, I’m sick of sitting on it all and I wanted to share some of it, so I’m giving you one of the maps.

The short of it is that I’m taking the tavern signs produced by the incredibly talented Deven Rue and doing full writeups of them as locations that you can drop into your games. This is the map for The Golden Lute, which I have no shame in admitting was inspired heavily by The Eolian from Pat Rothfuss’ The Name of the Wind. It’s a place where musicians, bards, and poets go to perform and to be seen to perform. Pack it full of weird stories and adventure hooks and you’re good to go.

[Click to embiggen.]

Thanks again to Deven Rue for allowing me to use her tavern signs for this project. I highly encourage you to go and check out her Patreon if you haven’t already. I’ve been a patron for a while, and she’s always posting incredible work, and making a lot of stuff available to other creators for use in their products.