Stat Boost: Free Loot!

This site is growing every day, and it’s great to see. It’s amazing to see people enjoying the content I’m providing, and to see more people finding the site and older visitors coming back every day.

One thing I’ve noticed while looking at analytics data – and in talking to people on Twitter – is that a lot of the older content on the site doesn’t often get looked at. And that’s a shame, because I think there’s some good stuff buried in the older posts. So I’ve spent some time putting together a 25 page sampler from the past six months of Loot The Room, and now it’s ready for action.

[Click to embiggen]

If you want it, I’d like to ask a favour. Sign up to my mailing list, and you’ll be given a link to download your Free Loot. I’ve had the list set up for a while – you may have seen the link floating on the left hand side of the site – and a few people have signed up to it, but not many. That’s because I haven’t really promoted it, and there hasn’t really been any incentive for you to do it thus far.

So, the favour. Sign up to the list and you’ll get a free 25 page pdf containing what I think is some of the best content from the first 6 months of this site. There are maps, magic items, trinkets, backgrounds, articles, and more in there. I promise I’ll never sell your information, and I promise you’ll only hear from me when it’s justified – I’m releasing a new book, or I have something big to announce.

If you don’t want to sign up to a mailing list, that’s fine. All of the content in this free PDF can be found on the site and in my DMs Guild products – you’ll just have to dig for it a little. And if this sounds like a good deal to you, well, what are you waiting for?