Join the Treasure Jam!

I’ve just launched my first game jam on and you can join it right now. (At the time of writing this, I had no idea I was going to launch the Wretched Jam before this one. That’s still ongoing and has had some great entries already, so go check that out too!)

If you don’t know, a game jam is what happens when a group of designers get together to make games around a specific theme in a short window of time. My solo journaling game At The Ace Hotel came out of the Record Collection 2020 jam, which asked designers to write games inspired by a specific album.

With the Treasure Jam, I’m asking people to make games that engage with the idea of treasure, trinkets, loot, or magic items in some way. You might want to make a meditative game about the history of a specific item, like in Artefact, or maybe you want to make a print and play board game about treasure chests like Unlock. Take the theme and run with it, and see where it leads you.

The jam is running for the next month, ending on my birthday. It’s completely informal – there’s no judging or prizes to be had – but I’ll be making sure to play through all of the entries and to leave ratings and reviews on itch. I may even feature some here on Loot The Room.

Go sign up for the jam and start creating!