Mapvember 2017 #1: Goblin

It’s Mapvember again! Mapvember is special for me, because it’s what really kickstarted me to start producing regular content on Loot The Room. I may have stumbled a few times over the past year – this last week or two beinga noticeable exception – but last year’s Mapvember was when I really decided to start taking this seriously, and despite the hiccoughs I’m pretty proud of myself for sticking with this thing afterwards.

One of my favourite projects over the past year – which I never finished, though I have been doing work on it here and there – were my hexagonal geomorphs. I decided that for this year’s Mapvember I’d go back to drawing geomorphs again. These will be more like standard square/rectangular geomorphs, since the hex ones I was playing with are a bit more complicated to produce, but over the next month I’ll be taking the prompts and drawing a square geomorph for each one.

[Click to embiggen]

The first prompt was Goblin, and I decided to draw something that looks a little like a goblin’s face. If I carry on interpreting the prompts like this, these geomorphs are going to make for one weird dungeon – and I’m perfectly OK with that, frankly.