A slimy dungeon for Mörk Borg

Chris Bissette


Snüngeon is an independent production by Loot The Room and is not affiliated with Ockult Örtmästare Games or Stockholm Kartell. It is published under the MÖRK BORG Third Party License.

The Assassin Snail was created by Cat Sìth Press. You can find it at

MÖRK BORG is copyright Ockult Örtmästare Games and Stockholm Kartell.


Their husks litter the landscape, mountainous swirling shells that are all that remain of the titan snails. Now they serve as a refuge for the stray, the weary, and the weird - and as a lure for fools such as you, seeking forgotten riches in the damp dark places of the world.

The Snüngeon is waiting.

A spiralling dungeon map that looks like the inside of a snail shell. Parts of it are flooded and there’s a hidden chamber towards the end of the spiral, but otherwise it’s very linear.

What Do You Seek?

  1. Perhaps the hollow shell still holds the flesh of a dead titan snail. If you can recover it maybe you can clear your debts.
  2. You’ve been chasing your rivals for weeks hoping to catch up to them. Word is that they entered the snüngeon and haven’t yet emerged.
  3. One of you saw a knight wearing a snail shell helmet. You want one of your own.
  4. The inside of a titan snail shell is said to be studded with gemstones found nowhere else. Time to harvest them and bring them back to market.
  5. For the past week your eyes have been bulging in your head and you’ve been dreaming of stalks. It seems prudent to seek a cure.
  6. The soothsayer told you to seek your fortune at the base of the spiral. You don’t know what it meant, but snail shells are famously spiral-shaped.

What Have You Heard About This Place?

  1. It’s filled by deadly assassin snails that hunger for living flesh. (true)
  2. The flesh that still clings to the inside of the shell will extend your life indefinitely. (false)
  3. Tracing the correct sequence of spiral runes inside the snüngeon will open a portal to another world. (sort of true)
  4. Spiral cultists lurk in the depths, performing weird rituals to transmute their flesh to slime. (true)
  5. A huge crystal at the centre of the spiral holds the power to bring titan snails back to the world. (false)
  6. Time flows differently inside the shell. (false)

What Might You Find?

Roll or choose from this list any time you need a treasure.

  1. SNAIL HELM. The armoured shell of a giant snail. Hypnotic spirals open your mind to other things. (Presence +2 while worn but Agility -1. When you’re attacked and it would be a Crit, break Helm to prevent it.)
  2. BAPTISMAL BOWL. Uneven stone bowl with a delicate spiral etched in the base. Liquids placed into it are purified and heal d3 when imbibed. Will revive you from death, but Test Presence DR14 or trigger a Misery.
  3. JELLY CUBES. Perfectly cubed chunks of snail flesh in a leather bag. Heal 2 HP when eaten, test Presence DR14 or become addicted - you must then test Presence DR12 daily. Fail and you lose 1 max HP permanently until death.
  4. ROGUE’S WAND. The skeletal forearm and hand of a thief, frozen in place with one pointed finger. Will open any mundane lock it touches. Test Presence DR14 to have it point to hidden doors and objects; fail the test and you can never use it again.

Random Encounters

Encounters occur on a 1 in 6 as frequently as you prefer. Results 5 and 6 can only occur once.

  2. 2d6 GOBLINS
  3. An ASSASSIN SNAIL sliding along the roof
  5. MOLGRITH, a lone adventurer seeking a way to return the titan snails to life. (HP 6 Morale 7 Leather -D2 Sword D6. Attacks are DR14.)
  6. SIMONDSEY, a necromancer, and their apprentice SEVEN. They’re hunting rare spell components and don’t want to be bothered.

1 Entrance

Chains and wooden boards meant to cover the entrance, already forced aside to create an opening. Muddy ground speaks of heavy traffic. Swirling spirals painted on the boards.

Beyond the opening: a trip wire drops a pile of rocks from above. Agility DR14 to avoid, d6 damage on failure.

2 The Melee

Wet sucking sounds and the smell of blood in the air. D4 assassin snails have made short work of a group of adventurers and are in the process of pulling the remains out of their armour ready for lunch.

The assassin snails are slow and sated from their meal. Their attacks are DR14.

3 Spiralling

A tight corkscrew of overlapping walkways that twist and turn. Every surface coated in painted spirals that flicker blue and purple in the light. Gravity is weird here. Your feet stick to the ground wherever you stand, an Escherian nightmare. of looping paths and impossible angles.

Test Presence DR16 to successfully navigate the corridor. Failure returns you to where you started.

INSPECT THE SPIRALS: They aid with the warping of reality. Use one of your Powers, if you have the ability, to temporarily flatten the walkways and allow easy passage. Fail your test when using Powers and be transported to the sewers beneath Galgenbeck.

4 The Puddle

Chest-high freezing water that sucks breath from your lungs. All tests while passing through are DR +2.

2d3+1 naked spiral cultists are bathing here.


The cultists are accustomed to the frigid water and don’t suffer any penalty to Tests. In combat they attempt to hold enemies underwater and drown them (test Strength DR14 to resist).

5 The Beach

Loose ground, pebbles and shale and a million crunching snail shells. Thick ooze stalactites gloop from the roof, dripping goo on the slick floor. Uneven shelves carved into the west wall hold bottles, baubles, and trinkets.

Agility DR12 to avoid the ooze stalactites. Touch them and test Strength DR14 or be wrapped up and held in place. Repeat Toughness test to break free. Each round you are held in place. test Toughness DR14. On a failure you begin to transform (see transformations). Transformation takes d6 days.

INSPECT THE SHELVES: It’s all crap - bottles of bodily fluids, nail clippings, matted hair, shaved off fingertips. Behind the bottles, a concealed handle pulls the wall open to reveal the Hidden Room.

6 Hidden Room

A snail cultist lies on a bed of matted straw. Her legs have been sawn off above the knee. Where the stumps fester, thick ooze writhes and crawls across the wound. Her forehead bulges, soft flesh sprouting into stalks. She’s delirious and speaks of spirals and the promise of infinity.

A damp book beside her bed contains a ritual of transformation, and the means to reverse the process.

7 Transformation Chamber

Oozing snail flesh drips from the ceiling. A snail cultist lies slumped over a giant, pulsing crystal. An assassin snail pulls his insides out through his anus, feasting. Three more cultists prostrate themselves, chanting a weirdly rhythmic song. Each of them bears a random transformation.

The cultists will not react well to the interruption of their ritual. They call any left bathing to their aid, and summon D4+1 assassin snails who arrive in D6 rounds if combat is joined.

THE STONE: A shimmering mound of crystal, the crystalline soul of a titan snail. Worth 100S to the right buyer. Infinitely more valuable to one who possesses the means to out it to use and bring the ancient race back to the world.


Snail cultists perform obscene rituals to bring themselves closer to the form of perfection, mutilating their flesh and infusing it with the slimy mollusc flesh they so revere. Some are in advanced stages of transformation; others remain early in their journey. Roll or choose from the list if you need a transformation.

d12 Transformation

  1. Eye stalks (Presence +1, hard to surprise)
  2. Ooze trail (Agility +1, never lost but easily tracked)
  3. Hard shell (Armour -d4, if broken it’s fatal)
  4. Snail flesh arm (d4 damage, can’t wield weapons)
  5. Jelly legs (can’t run or jump but can’t be tripped)
  6. Spiral skin (Presence tests to use Powers are DR10)
  7. Slimy body (regenerate d2 HP every morning)
  8. Invertebrate (literally no spine)
  9. Radula (teeth grow in sharp rows, D6 bite)
  10. Snail strength (Strength +2, lift 10x bodyweight)
  11. Salt sensitivity (salt on the skin causes D6 damage)
  12. Nocturnal (all tests in daylight are DR +2)


Assassin Snail

HP 10 Morale - Armour -d4
Bite d4 + special
Special Each hit reduces armour by 1 tier. If armour is tier 0 when it hits, it swallows you for d6 damage plus d4 damage each round you remain inside.

Shell Crab

When the giant hermit crabs moved into the snüngeon they soon found that the discarded snail shells that litter the ground were just as cosy a home as the molluscs they had come to rely on.

HP 4 Morale - Snail shell -d4
Bite/Claws d4
Attacks twice per round. If they hit with both claws they get a free bite at DR10 to hit.

Spiral Cultist

They’ve seen the truth in the swirls of the shell and they want only to unlock the path to enlightenment.

HP 8 Morale 8 Leather -d2
Knife d4
Occasionally ritual dagger d6
2 in 6 chance they know a random Unclean power.