Stat Boost: 12 Superstitions

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I’m a little late to the party – Halloween was yesterday, so it’s not even October anymore at the time of writing this – but I decided to get in on the RPG Blog Carnival for the first time. October’s theme was Superstitions (set by Of Dice & Dragons),, so here’s a little table of strange superstitions you can drop into your games. In the tradition of real-world superstitions, I’ve tried to make these seem as though they might have some grounding in reality, even though they may seem nonsensical. That said, some of them are pure nonsense, too.

I also have no idea why so many of them have to do with travelling and sleeping. I guess my brain is firmly in “wilderness campaign” mode as a result of working on the campaign setting and writing a Chult supplement.

That said, I’m not going to explain the origins of them. That’s up to you, and how you want them to exist in your world.


  1. Signing a contract before the sun has risen will bring bad fortune upon everyone involved in the deal.
  2. When sleeping under the stars, using the same site twice is a sure-fire way to find yourself stolen away by fairies,
  3. Finding a snake coiled around itself foretells the coming of a danger you have faced before.
  4. Burying the last ember from your fire will give you luck in your travels.
  5. When the stars fall, it is a good time to ask your god for a favour.
  6. Inhaling the last smoke of a dying fire summons the spirits of the fire, who are bound to give you aid as long as you hold the smoke within your lungs.
  7. When it rains on a sunny day, tragedy is waiting to fall.
  8. It is bad luck to leave the first footsteps in fresh snow.
  9. Never pick blue berries that grow near rowan trees. They are made from the blood of gods, and eating them means death to mortals.
  10. Sleeping beneath the canopy of a willow will fill your dreams with visions of futures that may or may not come to pass.
  11. Leaving a bowl of brackish water beside your door at night wards off harmful spirits.
  12. If your horse throws a shoe, danger is coming.

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