CR 6 Monster – Mandragorgon

On Monday Matt Sanders and I made his Shadepoint adventure, Whispering Darkness, Pay What You Want on DriveThruRPG.

After that post went live I had a little trip down memory lane on Twitter, talking about the plans we had for the Shadepoint Cycle. That got me thinking about my adventure Terror At Tightwillow Pond, which I haven’t thought about in a while.

I’m still really proud of that adventure, and particularly of the monster I created for it, so I decided the time is night for the Mandragorgon to reappear on this site. Take the monster, throw it into your games, and let me know what you think!

Click to download as a PDF

A mandragorgon is an evil, ambulatory plant creature. It looks like a humanoid creature that stands some 10 feet tall, with a thick central trunk and branch-like limbs. The lower half is a dense, tangled root system that extends beneath the earth. Its ‘face’ is a flat oval of bark; some have eye-like markings, though many are featureless.

The Blights of Spring. A mandragorgon’s head is crowned with a large frond of leaves that unfurl to reveal several large flowers. Each of these is capable of releasing a thick cloud of pollen that engulfs nearby creatures. The pollen of each individual flower has a unique – though equally horrible – effect. These flowers can be severed and rendered useless, but doing so is rarely easy.

Aberrant Flora. Little is known about the origins of the mandragorgons, but it is believed that they are the result of strange, twisted magics from the twisted places far beyond the Material Plane that have mingled with the essence of the fae realms. They are rarely encountered on the Material Plane, though they have been known to appear there.

Download Terror At Tightwillow Pond here.